Bohemian Chic

Bohemian chic is the perfect mix between romanticism and simplicity. The concept was born on the catwalks, in the fashion world, and from there it spread to the wedding world. This universe stands out from other more traditional ones by its free, natural and elegant side. This style is for happy, authentic couples who want their wedding to be unconventional. In addition, the aesthetic aims to evoke natural elements, textures, colors and smells, that is, a marriage of different experiences for the senses.

A bohemian chic wedding is synonymous with a relaxed atmosphere, but no less elegant. This style ranges from the wedding dress to the decoration and the meal, so it is not easy to embark on the adventure of organizing such a wedding.

To organize a bohemian chic wedding, there is nothing like a natural and authentic setting. Green forest, beach, wheat field, old farmhouse, country house … The ideal for a bohemian chic wedding is to bet on a ceremony in the heart of nature so that the place combines perfectly with a decoration where nature is queen. The only downside: the weather. Indeed, if it starts to rain, the ceremony will quickly go down the drain. You can choose to get married in a large ceremony room, but the decor will not be in perfect harmony with your theme. In this case, use and abuse plants and flowers to add a pretty vegetal touch.

The bohemian decoration

The decoration of a bohemian chic wedding is characterized by the mixture of bohemian, vintage and sophisticated pieces. The key is in the union of different prints and colors with folk elements. We recommend that you use wooden tables, period items, handmade ornaments, lots of flowers, books … To complete the tables and get an authentic style, opt for ethnic cushions, trunks like stools, candles and candle holders or centerpieces with antique vases. Small details are very important, which is why it is recommended to use pastel colored fabrics, natural elements or any other detail that brings a relaxed and different touch to a corner.

As for place settings, more daring couples usually choose to add pieces in bright colors like blue or orange for daytime weddings. Gold tones and vintage elements are also the order of the day.

It is advisable to plan everything in advance. Don’t make the mistake of hosting an informal, hippie wedding with a mix of decorative elements and textures that have nothing to do with authentic bohemian-chic style. The secret is to combine colors, shapes and ideas in a balanced and original way.

The bohemian bride’s bouquet

For the bridal bouquet, it is advisable to use wild flowers in order to achieve a completely natural look. For accessories, bet on flower crowns, suede and fringed vests and handmade ornaments.

The bohemian wedding dress

A bohemian chic bride isn’t one who just wears a crown on her head. If you want to be a bride who follows this aesthetic thoroughly, go for the vaporous dresses, flowy fabrics and vintage, or if you prefer to go out of the conventional, go for a crop top and a maxi skirt.

The bohemian groom suit

The bohemian chic groom should forget about the classic suit and opt only for a shirt and tight jeans, all according to the trends of the moment. This look may seem like it has been overlooked or left out, but in reality it will be totally reflected. As for accessories, bow ties, belts and even hats will bring an original and different touch to the style. It is important that the bride and groom follow the same aesthetic to match.

The bohemian banquet

More and more couples are opting for food trucks, these are trucks that offer different types of menus for their wedding day. It is a modern and original way to organize the banquet. Picnics are also a recommended option, along with the inclusion of craft beer or various cocktails, all accompanied by music. The goal is to facilitate the organization of the wedding meal while daring to experiment with flavors and textures that surprise your guests.

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