Bohemian decoration

You have chosen a bohemian decoration for your wedding. This theme is perfect for celebrating a union. Romantic, retro and nature. You want everything to be perfect, and even if you have a few decorating ideas, you would like to know the latest trends in bohemian decor. Greenery, flowers, floor cushions, macrame, these few lines will allow you to organize an original and exclusive bohemian chic wedding!

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Original ceremonial arches

The ceremonial arch represents the future home that the newlyweds will build. This symbol is similar to the Jewish tradition where a chuppah is used, a nuptial canopy used during wedding ceremonies. It is a square or rectangular structure on four legs covered with a large cloth or a prayer shawl. It represents the « house » in which the groom welcomes his wife, assuring her serenity and protection. It is open on all four sides so that everyone present can witness their commitment and also symbolizes the hospitality of the bride and groom to always welcome family and friends. The material of the chuppah, located above the couple, signifies the divine blessing of the newlyweds.

Today, this element is used and adapted for secular western wedding ceremonies and shows a great deal of originality in its design. For your wedding ceremony, you want to have an original ceremonial arch installed. A draped and flowery wedding arch is a perfect match for a wedding with a bohemian decoration. Decorate it with beautiful floral arrangements to match the bride’s flower crown. This will allow the guests and the bride and groom to take beautiful photos underneath.

A flower crown for the bride

Add an unmistakably bohemian detail to your outfit by slipping a splendid bridal flower crown through your hair. Flower crowns for a country wedding have become extremely popular to enhance a bridal hairstyle or the hair of bridesmaids. But this is nothing new, this so glamorous, fresh and natural dried flower headdress has been popular around the world for centuries.

Today, flower crowns are all the rage. Especially for lovers of bohemian, neo-hippie decoration, or during wedding ceremonies. Made with seasonal flowers by a florist or with preserved flowers, these romantic hairstyles that date back to ancient civilizations never go out of style. If you are wearing a traditional white dress, you can opt for a crown in the same tones or opt for a crown of colorful flowers to brighten up your outfit. You can buy your ready-made crown, or why not create it yourself: so you can be sure that it will not look like any other!

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A remarkable entrance

The entrance of the bride and groom is one of those highlights and there is of course no question of missing it! It is one of the hottest times when all eyes are on you, so you need to be prepared. Whatever entrance you are planning, chances are it will be to music. Now is not the time for romantic music, slow or waltz. The entrance of the bride and groom signals the start of the evening so it has to give the « la » and if you want all your guests to be in tune, you need to choose lively and punchy music. Your guests must stamp their feet, want to dance, move, applaud you …

The first thing your guests will see when they arrive is the entrance to your wedding ceremony location. You should not therefore neglect it! Announce your on-trend bohemian wedding by creating a floral entryway in pastel shades.

Colorful bohemian decoration for your wedding

Tents and teepees are almost essential to give a bohemian atmosphere. The good idea? Make it a cozy corner so that the children can play in it. A few rugs and floor cushions are enough to decorate them. Another essential point when organizing a bohemian-decorated wedding: flowers, in all their forms. Bet on floral arrangements to embellish your centerpiece, dried flower bouquets nicely decorated with kraft paper, flower garlands, retro-inspired dried flower bells … Not to mention Pampas herbs, to create a refined and rustic decor.

The swing also brings a nice boho touch, but be careful not just any! Choose it in wood and rope or macrame. You can decorate it with small flowers. Also fall for the rattan armchairs, totally fitting with your bohemian wedding and perfect for original wedding photos. But also natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton, raffia, burlap or caning, very trendy, which bring a bohemian chic touch and blend perfectly with greenery and flowers.

Give your wedding an air of Native American bohemian decoration: lay out original bohemian rugs on the ground, directly on the lawn outdoors. Add to this set a braided dream catcher to sublimate the end result.

Guest gifts

There are a multitude of original bohemian gifts to give to your guests. You have no idea? Opt for one of these two gifts: a small personalized dream catcher with a tag (you can write the date of your union there, or a small personalized thank you note), or a golden bohemian keychain, the catcher golden dream keychain. Simple and effective: you can be sure, these gifts will please your loved ones. Without forgetting the essentials of a wedding: sugared almonds. Available in a small jar or in a small bag surrounded by a ribbon to add the touch of bohemian decoration, they are essential.

Giving sweets at a wedding is a tradition that also dates back to ancient times. Initially made with almonds coated with honey, the dragees are offered in number of five and represent the five wishes associated with unions: fertility, health, happiness, prosperity and longevity. Even if the symbol remains less well known today, the tradition of giving sugared almonds has remained intact in our culture: it is the mark of a certain French refinement.

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